You will always

You will always wake up on the wrong side of the bed every now and then. You will spill your tea on yourself, and then letting it cool down a little cooler than you wanted. You will always miss that bus scheduled on 6:30 in the morning. You’ll regret waking up late but you’ll be doing it again tomorrow. You will keep on staring at your computer screen, getting lost in space losing time without noticing. You’ll realize you’ve been on the same page for too long and you should be hurrying up because you have a deadline. You will keep on thinking about other people. You’ll keep on missing them even if in your heart you know they aren’t missing you back. You’ll be losing yourself once again. You’ll try hard to go back in being that girl with stardust in her eyes and meteors in her mind that shamed the Northern Lights. You’ll keep on giving your love like the clouds give rain to end a drought. You will smile when you’re happy and even when you’re sad.

Tomorrow, you will wake up on the right side of the bed at last.


Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Good morning! 🙂

I am wayyyy too early here in the office so I guess I’ll try posting random thoughts here once more.

I would like to tell you my movie date experience with my friends last weekend but that would be too long so maybe I’ll just post our OBLIGATORY AFTER-THE-MOVIE PHOTO. Tenen!

"Every tear is a waterfall."
“Every tear is a waterfall.”

Yes, we cried a lot during and after watching The Fault In Our Stars. It really is a good movie, I think it gave the book justice. Thank you Mr. John Green for the wonderful experience. 🙂


It’s effect on me: That night, I fell in love once more. 

YES. I fell in love with a fictional character yet again. ANO BA YAN KC!? HAHAHAHA. Opo, sa kanila na lang muna ako kikiligin dahil hindi ko pa po yata kayang mainlove ulit sa realidad.

I know I keep on saying that I’m okay now, I’ve moved on and I am happier. I really am. And I know that other people think that I’m not telling the truth. That I am the type of girl who longs to love and be loved and that I’m really lonely inside and I’m just hiding it behind fake smiles and forced laughs.

WELL I AM NOT. I don’t really care what you think about me. I’m happy with what I have right now and that’s what matters.

People need love, I know that for a fact. But it doesn’t have to be romantic love all the time. Most of the times, the love from Jehovah, your family and friends is more than enough.

I am not closing my door to anybody. It’s just that I wanted to enjoy my time of being alone. I am alone but happy. 

Soon enough, I will find my way back into love once more. (kanta yan ‘te, aminin mo!) I’ll be prepared to give and share my love that I’ve been saving up to now. And next time, it will be forever.

“People say I love you all the time – when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it – you just have to listen for it, my dear.”-John Patrick, The Curious Savage

*plays All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran*

Ownership over …

Ownership over yourself is the bossiest attire. There is no other you, so you might as well walk like your existence is one of a kind.


Hey June!


I’m a day late but I still want to welcome JUNE! 🙂

Today is the official start of classes for most so students please study hard for this one more academic year! I can still remember the feeling I get every first day of class. Haha. I get nervous and excited at the same time just like everyone else, it feels like you have flying butterflies inside your stomach with their fluttering wings bumping the walls of your tummy. Oooh, goosebumps. I missed school a lot. But anyway, this post is not about school. It’s more of the realization of how fast time is flying. Can you believe it? We’re already half way through 2014. It seems like it was only yesterday when the first day of January came. It’s pretty scary when you think about it, right? It’s scary to look back and find yourself not accomplishing anything and realizing that all these past months have become just a waste of time.

And now just like what I’ve been doing, I would reminisce these past few months and think of the things I have accomplished, so far. 🙂

  • I made a lot of new friends! I’m so happy I was able to meet a lot of new people. You know I am always excited to go in new places and meet new people. Of course, my girl friends are increasing in number but what I am particularly happy about is that I have met quite a lot of new guy friends, too. Having boys as friends is a good thing. It trashes the idea that girls are from Venus and men are from Mars. I like talking to them! I mean, they are so direct to the point and they actually mean what they say. It’s nice to see things from a different perspective (that is, a boy’s point of view) and compare it with yours as a girl. But I would still say that girls are smarter. Hahaha. Girls can actually just talk for hours nonstop. I LOVE MY FRIENDS, BOTH THE OLD AND THE NEW. They’re from far places but being a brother/sister in faith makes it possible for us to get along easily.
  • I think I am slowly becoming the person that I wanted to be. I am not there yet, but I know I am getting there and I will get there. I have always lived by the saying “Be the person that you are looking for” and I think my labors are not in vain. There are times that I lose my grip, but I have grown up a lot especially this year. I learned how to never lose patience and hope. I have been keeping my faith strong even after all the thunderstorms I have been facing. I have always kept Jehovah by my side through all this time and I am happy. I learned how to say sorry even if I believe I did nothing wrong just for the sake of maintaining peace. I am trying to be more responsible and matured but retaining the jolliness and bubbliness every time. I’m still severely flawed but I am working on it and it bring me so much joy just because I’m trying to change my negative qualities. I won’t ever give up on myself and on anyone else.
  • I am improving as a writer. Hehehe. 😛 I have been creating a lot of compositions lately and I think I’m successful in achieving my goal as a trying hard/feeling writer. I have always wanted to have an effect on my readers, I wanted them to feel what I want them to feel. I wanted them to think that I am feeling that certain emotion that was engraved and carved on my works. I feel like a winner every time somebody reacts because my goal has been fulfilled. \:D/
  • I am learning how to take good pictures. Well, as of now, I still suck at it but there’s been improvement and progress is still progress no matter how small it is.
  • My personal study has also been improving. I still have to work on it but I think the fact that I always allot time to read the bible and say well-thought-of prayers is already good news.
  • I have been closer to my family. I never thought this time would come so early in our lives. I mean I basically just enjoy talking to my siblings and sharing bits and pieces of our lives with one another. My niece, Saiorse, has been a contributing factor to that. We all love being aunts and uncles, especially my parents being lolo and lola. Ohana for lifeee. ♥

That’s all I have for now. I hope you too can spare some of your time and look back to the first five months of 2014. Let’s all do our best to continue our progress until the end of this year and never ever, ever, ever give up! Though the rainy season is coming, always remember that the sun shines every day and today is never too late to be brand new.

Much love,


 If unbelievers make romantic advances toward us, does our response reflect a viewpoint like that of David or one like Solomon’s? True worshippers are told to marry “only in the Lord.”  If a Christian chooses to get married, he or she should marry a fellow believer. And if we discern the spirit of this Scriptural requirement, we will not only refrain from marrying an unbeliever but also refrain from entertaining any romantic advances from such an individual. 

That was quite a thought to ponder this morning! Thank you Jah for the daily text.

Happy Monday everyone. Yesterday was a very productive day for me, I’m so happy. There’s nothing like going home at 7pm because of an overtime bible study. :):D:>

2014 Heartbeats

Hi! One more year has already gone and passed. It’s kinda scary how fast time flies. Well, this is my first official text post for this year and I hope I can keep on updating this blog for the days to come. 


I want to start anew for this year. I want a fresh start for everything. I want blank pages of a journal to be filled with adventures and plans for this year. I want a better version of myself. I’ll be bringing with me the good stuff while leaving behind the sad memories of the past. And just like the old times, here’s a list of my goals this year:

1. PIONEERING! Yes, please? I’ve already filed for auxiliary pioneering but I never imagined that reaching 50 hours is that hard. But I’m not giving up just yet. I will reach my goal. Go, fight, win! (Psalms 37:4) May Jehovah God help me. 🙂

2. Don’t be a copy of someone else. In a world where everyone tries to be like everyone else, it’s a struggle to find your own individuality. I know I should just be myself but most of the times I’m afraid that people will draw away from me because I am not like everybody else. I am weird. I’m not even funny and my fashion sense is from another world. I don’t know. Maybe, it’s because I don’t like being in the mainstream. I think I’m scaring people when I entertain them too much and that’s horrifying. I think I fear rejection the most. And because of that, I have the tendency to copy people that I really adore. I hate myself when I do that but what else is left for me to do? I wish people see what’s on the heart and not what’s physical. Because I promise I have a huge heart for everybody and I would like to touch their lives as long as I can. But in this world, people never see us in moments when we are truly beautiful.

3. Stay kind at all times. I am proud to say that people often referred to me as a really kind girl. Haha. I would like to stay this way forever. My sister and cousin told me that I am not the kind to think ill of other people and I take that as a compliment. Remember, good thoughts will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely! Take patience along too. 

4. Do not expect and ask for too much. Frankly speaking, I’m talking about love. This year has been a roller coaster ride for my poor heart and I don’t want to experience the same heartaches again. Expect less. Do not think too much. I will not go looking for love and I promise not to hurt other people’s hearts as much as I can. I’ll stop chasing people. I won’t care too much. Sometimes, less is more. 

5. Travel more. Wanderlust. 🙂

That’s it for now. I hope to accomplish these things and may we all have a good year. 

P.S. I officially have a niece! Welcome to the family Saoirse Lewis. I love you dearly. ♥

Dear time, let’s prove them wrong.

Random Monday Thoughts

Hi! Finally, I will be posting something about me. It’s been a while so I’m glad to be back. 🙂

It’s September 9 today and in 7 days I’m turning 21. And I would like this month to be special, I want September to be the best month for me this year. Lately, I have been thinking that I do things mediocre-ly. I don’t want that. I have been thinking that everyday I want to go to sleep feeling satisfied and somehow tired because I did my best efforts to accomplish my tasks for the day. I want September to be the MONTH OF BESTS because I want that from now on, I will do my best every time. 

“You don’t have to be the best. Just do your best.”

Here’s what I want to accomplish:









One more thing, my sister said that I’m never going to marry someday. She said my dream guy is just a dream and can never come true. I was not offended actually. It made me think that maybe she is right. Maybe I am looking for someone that doesn’t even exist. Maybe I am looking for a fairytale. And I don’t want to be like that. I just want a simple love one but why am I like this nga ba? Why? I don’t know too. 

I’m messed up once again but have a nice day everyone! I love you 5ever. ♥