The regret is yours. 

“It’s not a mistake. It’s not just one day. You put your phone to silent mode every night. Whenever she texted and your phone lighted up, I felt like my heart dropped to the ground. How do you think I felt when I knew you were going to see her, but I still let you go? 

It bothers you right? You can’t let her go. Juman, you let go of my hand first. You might think I’d always be here even if you let go of me for a moment, but I don’t want to stay that way anymore. 

I thought it would pass by just like the wind. But wind is wind. It was either a yes or no. It wasn’t about how big the problem was. 

During our six years of dating, I never said I want to broke up with you out of anger. I treated you the best I could so I have no regrets. The regret is yours.” 

Suilhui to Juman


This is what happens when you take for granted the people who loves you. I also have this kind of thinking: I’m going to treat you the best way that I could but I know when to stop. Even the nicest people have their limits. And when I finally give up, all the regret is yours. As for me, I’ll get rid of someone who doesn’t know how to treat me and love me right. But as for you, you’ll lose someone who truly loves you. So in the end, I still win. 

How I wish people know how to appreciate. Random thoughts lang po! Haha. Pinanuod ko kasi yung ep 12 ng fight for my way. 


Stay Gold Pony Boy

Pony boy, won’t you ever change.

Don’t you lose your twinkling eyes, your bright face.

‘Cause even though the day is gray

Your smiles are like sunshine’s rays.

A heart of gold, and a soul so white!

Oh boy, little do you know how you got me feeling light.

You made me rhyme, you made me write.

So you better stay gold, yes, you heard that right.

(c) KC Montegrande, 2016



The Paper Kites


“Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart..”

It’s been a while since I tried spilling my thoughts and feelings here because other than random quotes and song lyrics, I have been too lazy to actually share what’s been cooking in my life right now. So okay, I’ll try to put into words what’s up.

Well, nothing big has been happening. I still have work on weekdays, I’m still juggling time for pioneering, family, friends and work. I still have several pimples on my chin and eye bags but I’m glad to say that I’m happy. I know life isn’t always all laughter and fun but it’s safe to say that I’m doing all right. I’m handling myself just fine.

Pioneering has been a great help for me. Teaching other people about a beautiful future that Jehovah has promised and giving them hope truly strengthens your faith as well. I’m at my happiest every time I’m on the field doing our ministry. I really hope I’ll give my best shot in this work all the time. I know I’m a work in progress and I am more than willing to be trained and educated to be a more effective teacher to others.

Now, I felt refreshed and reminded of what I want in life. As you know, I’m the type to have goals and lists of everything I want to accomplish. I want to be everything at once. I know it sounds crazy and a bit too ambitious but hey, libreng mangarap. When I was 18, I made a list (more of a¬†bucket list) of things I should do before I turned 25. I’m doing it again! Haha. Well, I’m never too old for that right? I just turned 24 so I still got time. I want to be the go-getter girl I aspired to be. I don’t want any regrets. I want to learn how to do a lot of things. I want to meet new people, go to new places. Feel things that I never had the chance to feel.

So watch out guys! I’ll go get and chase my dreams.





“There’s a part of her heart that is off limits. Because someone, somewhere in the past, broke it. Don’t take it personally, it was unbelievable hurt that she was sure would kill her. But it didn’t. But you must know she will never bargain that piece again.”

Convo with the super friends talking about watching Train to Busan:

T: Ate, dalawang Korean na ang nagpapaiyak sa akin. (referring to Korean movies)

R: Dalawang Korean sa’yo? Ako isang Pinoy lang.

Me: (talking inside my head) Mga bes, ako nga dalawang Pinoy na. <//3


To the next person who will love her

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this to you, but I know you’ll thank me later for trying to help you understand this woman who is both chaotic and serene at the same time.

If you’re going to message her, always include a ūüôā at the end of your message. It makes her feel that you’re nice and easy to get along with. Do not reply for longer than 10 minutes, she’ll lose interest and might not want to text back. If she did, you must be someone special.

When she say that she’s busy, she really is. Please don’t think of it as an excuse to get rid of you. It only means that she needed to finish something and she’s in a lot of pressure right now so don’t be stubborn and give her the time she needs. I tell you, it will do you a world of good to just let her be and wait until she’s free.

When she’s upset about something, be extra kind. Don’t try to fix her problems, she only needs someone who listens very well and someone who agrees with her sentiments. Agree even if you don’t. Haha. After a few days, you can give her your honest opinion but don’t disagree with her while she’s still upset.

Ask her if she wants to go and eat ice cream with you when the sky is grey. Believe me when I say, she’ll never say no.

Please don’t laugh at her when she starts crying over a book or a movie. She’s a crybaby you know. The slightest signs of sadness and the overwhelming portrayals of happiness can touch her soul and can bring bottomless tears in the wells of her eyes. Pat her head, give her a handkerchief. Listen while she constantly say “ahhh, bakit kasi ganyan?” “bakit kasi kelangan pa niya mamatay?” “kawawa naman siya, bakit ganon?”

She gets mad, too. Do not take this as a small thing. She rarely gets¬† mad but when she does, you’re in big trouble. Do not go and try explaining yourself because she had already considered all the instances. She already gave you the benefit of the doubt so your efforts in explaining yourself are useless. However, what she really need¬†from you is just a simple and sincere SORRY. Show her that you really are.

Do not start questioning her love for you if there are times she doesn’t even text or message you. She’s just like that. She never wanted to interfere with all the other things you’re dealing with. She doesn’t want to disturb you. She’s afraid that she won’t get a reply and that’s like one of the worst feelings in the world. Know that even if she’s not asking you how your day is, she’s out there thinking and hoping that you’re doing fine and when she opens her facebook, your chathead will pop-up with a message telling her HI.

You have to remember that her favorite color is yellow.

She doesn’t eat squash/kalabasa.

She likes Korean dramas so learn how to not get jealous with all her Korean crushes.

She loves her family and friends so much. She wants to see you loving them the same way.

She gets cranky every time she’s late. She doesn’t like the rain.

She gets emotional when things about her father is brought up in conversations. She’ll act okay but deep down, it still hurts. Hold her hand, that’s enough to keep her calm and steady.

Always remind her that she shouldn’t drink too much coffee. She’s been trying to drink tea so always have an extra teabag for her¬†whenever you’re together.

Believe in her. Everything she said, she meant it. Believe her when she told you she’d never leave your side. Believe her when she use beautiful words from a book to describe what you mean to her. Believe in the purity of everything she will say when it’s late at night and¬†your conversations are deep and personal. She means well.

Sometimes, you cannot trust her judgment about things. Hahaha. She always try to say pleasing things about you and others. She looks for the positive side even when something is extremely terrible. Her friends tell her that she’s good at saying things for “pampalubag-loob”. Again, she means well. She just try too hard to avoid disappointing and hurting anyone.

There are a lot more to know about her, but that my friend I leave for you to know. All I ask is that for you to love her as much as she will love you. Make her happy and stay. Be her Noah Calhoun, her Augustus Waters , her Captain Yoo Si Jin and her Superman.

I hope for the best.

(c) KC Montegrande, 2016

~based on articles I read a few days ago

Hello friends and followers! I’m quite bored this afternoon and I thought of doing something interesting today. I searched the net and voila! I decided to answer slam book questions here in wordpress. Haha. I dunno about you but I really like this kind of things way back when I was still a grade-schooler.

So let’s get started:

  • 1:¬†6 of the songs you listen to most?¬† ~ I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers, More than Words by The Extreme, Out of my League by Stephen Speaks, White Horse by Taylor Swift, In my Life by The Beatles, Your Song by Elton John
  • 2:¬†If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? ~ Well, I would like to meet Song Joong Ki. Hahahahaha. Or Emma Watson/Lilly Collins
  • 3:Favorite dish? ~ Sinigang na baboy
  • 4:¬†What do you think about most? ~ my ministry and field service work most probably
  • 5:¬†What does your latest text message from someone else say? ~ It’s a message from my cousin saying “Ne pakikuha lahat ng sweldo ni Kuya Waldo mo”
  • 6:¬†Do you sleep with or without clothes on? ~ With clothes on of course! ano bang klaseng tanong ‘to
  • 7:¬†What’s your strangest talent? ~ I can whistle melodies like an old man, para bang trabahador sa construction ganon
  • 8:¬†Girls… (finish the sentence); Boys… (finish the sentence) ~ Girls are smarter than boys. Boys suck big time. HAHAHAHA
  • 9:¬†Ever had a poem or song written about you? ~¬†None I guess.
  • 10:¬†When is the last time you played the air guitar? I can’t remember when was the last time but I usually do that while blasting Boys Like Girls’ songs in my cousin’s room
  • 11:¬†Do you have any strange phobias? ~ Surprisingly, I’m scared of frogs given the fact that I’ve already dissected about 8 frogs in my Bio3 lab class
  • 12:¬†Ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? ~Nope.
  • 13:¬†What’s your religion? I am one happy and proud Jehovah’s Witness.
  • 14:¬†If you are outside, what are you most likely doing? ~ Preaching or buying random stuff
  • 15:¬†Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? ~ Behind the camera, I love taking pictures of other people and beautiful places
  • 16:¬†Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band? ~AWWW, my heart is torn. Silent Sanctuary with Eraserheads and Parokya ni Edgar really close behind for local. My international faves will probably be One Direction or The Beatles.
  • 17:¬†What was the last lie you told? ~ Number 16! Hahaha, I like Kodaline better than the Beatles.
  • 18:¬†Do you believe in karma? ~Nope.
  • 19:¬†What does your URL mean? ~ Umm, my name?
  • 20:¬†What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength? ~ Greatest weakness is math and talking in front of a huge crowd. Greatest strength is my good memory and the way I deal with people. I mean, I think I have something that makes other people talk to me comfortably without any hesitations and awkwardness.
  • 21:¬†Who is your celebrity crush? Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, Logan Lerman, Theo James
  • 22:¬†Have you ever gone skinny dipping? ~ Nope, I don’t swim naked. HAHAHA
  • 23:¬†How do you vent your anger? ~ Writing.
  • 24:¬†Do you have a collection of anything? ~ I have a collection of fancy, colorful bracelets which I don’t use anymore. I also like collecting notebooks with yellowish pages because they look vintage.
  • 25:¬†Do you prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online? ~ Never really a fan of communicating online. I prefer having long chats with friends in person. Nowadays, I am forced to embrace technology because I’m away from my family and friends.
  • 26:¬†Are you happy with the person you’ve become? ~ Yes. Not 100% of the person I wanted to be but I’m getting there and I will get there.
  • 27:¬†What’s a sound you hate; sound you love? ~The scratching of metal things on the floor. The laugh of my niece.
  • 28:¬†What’s your biggest “what if”? ~ What if I was there beside my father when he was at the hospital, will it make any difference? Will he not die that day?
  • 29:¬†Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens? No and no.
  • 30:¬†Stick your right arm out; what do you touch first? Do the same with your left arm. ~ Right arm- the remote control of our aircon in the office. Left arm- my green pencil.
  • 31:¬†Smell the air. What do you smell? ~ I smell nothing.
  • 32:¬†What’s the worst place you have ever been to? ~ Umm, the restaurant in Malayan Colleges called Yeahhsarapp. Their food is expensive but it’s not that good. Actually it’s quite bad. Sorry but sayang talaga pera namin that afternoon.
  • 33:¬†Choose: East Coast or West Coast? ~Not from US but I’d choose East Coast. We know some friends from New Jersey kasi.
  • 34:¬†Most attractive singer of your opposite gender? ~For me it’s Sarkie of Silent Sanctuary. Yung boses naman kasi grabe. Nakakaguwapo.
  • 35:¬†To you, what is the meaning of life? ~ Life is the union of a sperm and an egg but is not limited to just being alive scientifically. I think it’s doing what Jehovah wants you to do and serving and loving him with your whole mind, soul, heart that gives your life meaning.
  • 36:¬†Define Art. ~ Art is a form of expression. It is whatever that enables you to express your feelings and thoughts be it tangible or not.
  • 37:¬†Do you believe in luck? ~No.
  • 38:¬†What’s the weather like right now? ~ Cloudy but really humid.
  • 39:¬†What time is it? 4:26 pm
  • 40:¬†Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed? No, I don’t know how and¬† I don’t think I’ll have the courage to learn. Haha.
  • 41:¬†What was the last book you read? ~ Tularan ang Kanilang Pananampalataya
  • 42:¬†Do you like the smell of gasoline? ~ Hate to admit it but YASSS.
  • 43:¬†Do you have any nicknames? ~ Yes, I have quite a lot actually.
  • 44:¬†What was the last film you saw? ~ Toy Story. I watched it last weekend in Disney Channel with my niece.
  • 45:¬†What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? ~ I had my toe nail cracked because of biking when I was little. Maybe that’s why I never learned to ride a bike.
  • 46:¬†Have you ever caught a butterfly? ~ No, I haven’t. And I don’t think butterflies are meant to be caught. Aren’t you suppose to just let them fly and watch with awe?
  • 47:¬†Do you have any obsessions right now? ~ Yes, it’s matcha tea.
  • 48:¬†What’s your sexual orientation? ~Hetero.
  • 49:¬†Ever had a rumour spread about you? ~ Sadly yes.
  • 50:¬†Do you believe in magic? ~ Nope.
  • 51:¬†Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong? ~ Nope. I learned from studying the bible that we must forgive so that we may be forgiven.
  • 52:¬†What is your astrological sign? ~ I don’t believe in astrology so..
  • 53:¬†Do you save money or spend it? ~ Spend it. Huhuhuhu
  • 54:¬†What’s the last thing you purchased? ~ My lunch. Ginisang monggo and fried bangus! Yummm.
  • 55:¬†Love or lust? ~ LOVE. ūüôā ‚ô•
  • 56:¬†In a relationship? ~ Nope. Too young to be in a relationship now.
  • 57:¬†How many relationships have you had? ~ I’ve had a puppy love when I was in high school. Hahahaha. Natatawa ako sa term. Why do I even do that? Okay, okay. I wish I knew back then the things I know now.
  • 58:¬†Can you touch your nose with your tongue? ~No, I can’t.
  • 59:¬†Where were you yesterday? ~ At Cabuyao and in our Kingdom Hall in Pila.
  • 60:¬†Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? ~ Yes, Engr. Lyn’s table is full of pink things. Pink sticky notes, pink plastic flowers, pink mirror, etc.


Wow, ang dami pala nun. Ano ba yung pinasok ko? Hahahaha. Okay, uuwi na ako.  Kayo anong ginagawa nyo kapag bored kayo?

I’m Coming Home

Hello again wordpress! It’s been ages.

I’m quite surprised with the new layout and I think it will take some time for me to get used to it. Haha. Well, I’m sick again and very sleepy. It’s a good thing that it’s Friday already because I really need a good rest. *Achooooo!* Excuse me, please.

I need something to make me happy so I’ll post this photo!

Now that feels a lot better. :)‚ô•

So updates on me. Well… Nothing quite interesting. But I’ve got plans on making my life interesting again. Oh wait there’s one! I have a new crush. HAHAHAHA. Tenen!

So Ji Sub ‚ô•
So Ji Sub ‚ô•

Hay KC. Baliw ka na talaga.
About the title, I am now obsessed with the song Coming Home which Cimorelli did a mashup cover. It’s really good you should try listening to it.

I’m coming home, I’m coming home.
Tell the world I’m coming home.
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.
I know my kingdom awaits, they’ve forgiven my mistakes.
I’m coming home, I’m coming home.
Tell the world I’m coming…

That’s all for now guys. I’m still thinking of the plans I have inside my head. I have so many things to accomplish and to attend to and sometimes I feel like my time isn’t enough. Well, this is where time management comes in. I’ll drop by as often I can ‘kay? Que sera sera.

P.S. I’ll try to come up with an original composition again. But I still need to find an inspiration. T_T