“He wanted to tell her that he knew her favorite book, and her coffee order, and the way she always tapped her fingers on her thigh when she was in thought. 

He wanted to tell her that he prided himself in the fact that he memorized the freckles on her skin, and how they were like miniature stars forming their little constellation. 

He wanted to tell her that he would be there for her, on the bad days too. He wanted to hear her laugh, and know that he was the reason. He wanted to tell her that she could call him at 2:53am and just cry, and he’d completely understand. 

He wanted to tell her that she had completely beguiled her; that she was his entire world. 

Instead, he smiled at her when he passed her in the halls.’

A dangerous plan, just this time. 

A stranger’s hand clutched in mine. 

I’ll take this chance so call me blind. 

I’ve been waiting all my life. 

Please don’t scar this young heart

Just hold my hand

I was made for loving you,

Even though we maybe hopeless hearts just passing through. 

Every bone screaming “I don’t know what we should do!” 

All I know is darling I was made for loving you.

Tori Kelly feat. Ed Sheeran

Like Apples of Gold

Like Apples of Gold

“Like apples of gold in silver carvings is a word spoken at the right time.” -Proverbs 25:11

Ang aga aga naman gusto ako paiyakin ni Kababs! Thank you so much Ate tin, you’re too kind. You don’t know how much I needed this right now. 😭

Sometimes when you feel like you’re not doing anything right, it just takes good words from good friends to make everything okay and just keep going. 

I will always thank Jehovah with all my heart for giving me this kind of friends! 

And when he said he loved you for the very first time, did you respond by asking if he’s afraid of heights? I hope with my entire soul that he said yes because that means, despite his fear, he fell for you. Now, darling, you tell me, is he the one?