Paparapapa Love Ko ‘To

Photo opp at the newly built and newly opened McDonald’s at Sta. Cruz Sambat. The wall arts are all so nice it could be an Instagram haven for wall art addicts like me. 👌

Go visit them now! 

Thank you beshie rei for being my photographer and for tolerating my weirdness. 💛


One of those rare times we accidentally wear matching outfits. 🙈🙉🙊


A Million Years Young and In Love 

Remember the first time you were told by a guy that he loves you? Yes, you were 15 then. Every night for a month, you receive good night texts with the words “I love you” from that first guy who broke your heart, and whose heart you’ve also broken in two. 

You used to be so young and somehow reading those three words instantly sent you on cloud 9! Oh how your heart flutter. 

Nine years down the line, a man not a guy anymore, managed to break through all the walls you’ve been building around yourself. Someone who doesn’t quite match anything on your long list of what a perfect man is. 

You were too different from each other. Too many opposites. Too many contrasts. But what the heck, this man can make you laugh everytime. 

Little by little, you started to know and understand each other well. Your minds must be of a different language but oooh your souls know how to dance! Days passed, stories and memories were made and shared. Then you start asking yourself “is there really a time I thought this person wasn’t attractive?” 

Now fastforward everything to a year and a few months, here is the same man with cold shaking hands, a raspy voice and holding a ring telling you how much he loves you. 

Did you feel like you’re on cloud nine? No. 

Were there butterflies on your stomach in an instant? None. 

Then what was it that you felt? Fright. You felt frightened because you know in your heart of hearts that you love him too. You love him to a point where your heart overflows. And you’re too afraid to admit that to yourself because you know that it means you have to put your heart on line again and you’re giving this person the authority to break it. And who on earth is ready for a heartbreak?

But why did you say that you love him too? Because you listened to that little voice inside you saying that this is going to be worth the try. The small spark making you believe that maybe, just maybe, this is the one you’re waiting for. You thought of all the things this man have shown you, the happiness you get to feel only when he’s around, the calmness and security his love brings without making you question your worth for him, the inspiration he gives and that look in his eyes that makes you go weak. 

You learned that a person doesn’t have to be perfect, there’s no such person that exist. You just have to be made perfect for each other by following Jehovah’s commandments. 

And so, after 9 years of searching you’ve finally found him. It’s funny how you’re a million years young but how you badly hope for a forever, together. 


“Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss…but every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.” -Flipped

April 03, 2017.