Simply Me

P1: Di ba pulong niyo mamaya? Andito na mga gamit mo? (referring to my backpack) 

KC: Oo andyan na. 

P1: Pati damit mo andito na? Pano sapatos mo?

KC: Eto na. (Points to the pointed flat shoes I’m wearing) 

P1: Hindi ka talaga babae. Ang mga babae kapag nagpapalit may isa pang dalang bag. Pero ikaw andito na gamit mo pati damit mo. Ang mga kapatid ko, kapag nagpapalit may isa pang bag. 

KC: 😂😂😂

Hahaha. Okay, so that was a conversation I had yesterday morning. I don’t know if I should be happy or not for that kind of comments about me. I mean, I’m always like this ever since -simple and ordinary. Today, since I finished my work a little early than the usual I wanted to do a little introduction about myself. 

I’m Karen Clide Espinosa Montegrande, 24 years old and you can call me KC or Kace or K, whichever suits you. Occupation: an aspiring beam of sunshine. (Lol, but I intend to be. I really wanted to just be a ray of sun shining on people’s faces to give them good vibes throughout the day) As far as I can, I tend to make things plain and simple. Just like me. 

Back when I was little, my mother would buy us clothes which I don’t usually like. Haha. You see my mother like clothes that are too decorated. I mean with ruffles, shiny sequins or whatever style is “uso” during our childhood days. Well, as a kid I have no choice but to wear them. Years passed, and finally I get to have a say on clothes that I want to wear and that eventually molded my “style”. Hahahaha. Can you even call it style? Seriously, I’m not a fashionable person and using the word style makes me feel uncomfortable. Hahahaha. Okay enough laughing. 

To make the long story short, here I am today being called “hindi ka talaga babae” because of me being odd compared to other girls. I don’t know, it’s just that I really believe in comfort over style. I would not sacrifice being comfortable with being stylish, fashionable and all. So what clothes are comfortable for me? Jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, flats,slippers and rubber shoes. When it comes to clothes for Christian meetings, I prefer pieces that are not loaded with too much details, usually with just soft colors but I like red, always with sleeves, knee length and fits my perception of what is not attention drawing or seeking. 

I don’t usually wear make-up but for the sake of the feeling that I’m a girl, I purchased few items that I use for my no-make up look. My sisters would laugh at me because my make-up items are just like decorations because first, I don’t use them and second, parang wala lang talaga kapag gumamit ako. Hahaha. 

My routine is just really simple, take a bath, put on perfume and baby powder, comb my hair and voila! I’m ready to take on the day. In that case, I’m the fastest when it comes to preparations. My mother and my three sisters are all KILAY IS LIFE girls! Hahaha. No offense, I have nothing against them I really love them. 

I like keeping things simple. I feel uneasy with other people noticing me for stuff like I like your make-up, I love your clothes or you look good today. I hope people will love and accept me even if I’m just typical and very ordinary. 😊🌻💛


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