Flash back Friday: Padre Burgos Experience

So here’s a glimpse of our three day stay in Padre Burgos, Quezon. I’m seriously missing my PB fam! Bonding soon. Yes? 


It’s been a year. 

From “Kain siya ng kain ng Clover pero hindi niya tayo inaalok.” in Hulugan Falls to “Grabe po yung pagiging malilimutin mo, kapag kaya 69 na tayo tanda mo pa pangalan ko?” in Tagaytay. 

December 30, 2015- December 30, 2016. 

Hahahaha. Who’d have thought we’d be great friends? It’s been a roller coaster ride with you. Hope to have a lot more of those in the future. 


Hello 2017!

I’ve decided to declutter some of my stuff for 2017. Haha. Maybe I just wanted to feel organized and in control and fixing my things give me that sort of feeling. I feel so emotional while letting go of some of these things. Just kidding. Narealize ko lang na I’m still the same old KC who’s very sentimental who keeps everything just for future reminiscing. Here are some of the things I found: 

A lot of to-do lists, budget plans, concert tickets and old photographs
My guitar concert ticket way back in college for Humanities 2

Hahahahaha. What is highschool love? This one took me a while to decide if I’m going to upload it or not. Remember my first love which I wrote about some years ago? Siya yun. Finally, letting go of the pictures even if it’s already ages when I moved on from him. Sana lang di nya to makita. (Cue in I remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling anymore) lols. 

Sweet na nga kahit kulang ng d yung friendship

This card goes along with a ferrero bouquet. Awww. Haha. Banjo’s gift! March 2016 yata to. Bumabawi kasi kahit sobrang dami ng problema na nangyari dahil sa pagiging magkaibigan namin noon, we decided to keep the friendship and face the hardships together. Nuxx, oo na #friendshipgoals. 

That night we met Harley Quinn

After this, I finally got the chance to write my goals this 2017. Hopefully, I’ll get to accomplish them even just by little steps. 

2017 please be good to me starts now. 

I’m ready for yah!