Vince and Kath and James

Last night, I met up with my younger sisters to watch VKJ! Hahahaha. It’s somehow funny to think that I’m the one who asked them to watch the movie (which is a romcom about teenage love of millenials) when I’m the eldest. Plus, ako talaga yung may crush kay Joshua Garcia. Hayyyyy. 
We came late for the 6pm schedule so we went to see the last full show at 8:30pm. With a bit of nervousness because for sure we’ll be going home late and I’m responsible for my sisters, we all agreed to wait and stay. 

Since we had a lot of time for waiting, we ate dinner first and do some random shopping. (I mean them,  I didn’t bought anything because I pay for dinner, movie tickets of me and Gale and popcorn) We ate bibimbob (bibimbap) at KimBob and to my surprise, my KPop addict little sister didn’t enjoyed it at all. Hahaha. I was expecting her to be the one all giddy about Korean food! Then we went to Watsons. 

Here are my sisters, busy looking at different beauty products while I stand there wishing we entered National bookstore instead. Hahaha. Sorry, pero I’d rather buy books, notebooks, sticky notes and pens than buy make up. Fun fact: I bought face powder (actually hindi talaga ako ang umorder, iniorder lang ako ni rei) about six months ago at hanggang ngayon di pa sya ubos, ni hindi pa nga nangangalahati. 

Then, it’s movie tiiiiiimmmmmeeee. 

All I did while watching is laugh, cry and kiligin. Hahahaha. The movie is good. Just a light story but entertaining! Akala ko makakamove on ang JoshLia fan heart ko pagkatapos ko manuod pero hindi e. Lalo ko sila nagustuhan! My favorite part is the one when they watch the movie Got 2 Believe. 

Kath: Kapag tinamaan ka, tinamaan ka. 

Vince: Pano kung tanga ‘ko, di ko alam tinatamaan na pala ko. 

AKSA- Akin ka Sayo ako

WIM- Walang Iwanan Mahal

Hahahahahaha. Sorry guys, I might look like a deep person who likes deep words so much but I’m also a girl who secretly gets butterflies on her stomach over corny but sweet Filipino punch lines. 

Okay, that’s all for now. I need to work. 

Love lots,




“You speak highly of him,” he said to her. “Why do you do that? Why do you speak of him as if he put the stars in the sky when he did nothing but break you so much that the cracks in your heart were practically visible through your eyes.”
She laughed, “that’s the thing about love, isn’t it? You’ll let them get away with murder, even if it’s your own.”

“She was a little all over the place, that was for sure. But the good news is that when she loved, she loved big. And if she loved you, you knew she loved you. You never had to wonder.”

Freeing myself from all my Rapunzel duties!

New hair guyyyys. Medyo naninibago ako. Hahaha. I’m always like this, I do something new then regret it for a few days before actually learning and embracing the change. 

So…here it is!

I got chestnut brown for hair color and cut a few sidebangs which I think failed. Haha. I should’ve asked for thicker sidebangs than what I have right now. 

Anyways, I think it looked good. I keep on annoying my cousin by asking her “Ano kamukha ko na ba si Bea Alonzo?” all the time. Hahahahahaha. She’s really annoyed. 

#whatisnewlook #changes 

Gusto kong maiyak. Akala yata ng mga tao sa trabaho, walo ang kamay ko. Guys, tao po ako hindi octopus. Hinay hinay lang po sa trabaho. Hayyyyyy. 

Busy day it is! Kakayanin mo naman yan di ba KC? 

Umm, pwede bang hindi. Haha. Lol. Opo, kakayanin. Fighting! Aja. 

Bethel Tour 2016

Here are some of my favorites from yesterday’s tour. 

Our tour yesterday made me appreciate more how Jehovah leads us, how He make sure we have spiritual food right on time, how He find ways for us to keep up with the very fast pace of His growing organization and how big the sacrifices of our dear brothers and sisters are! 

Just like Caleb and Sophia and all the other kids who enjoyed the Bethel tour, I would like to say thank you Jehovah for the Bethel!