Thoughts for Today

Hello guys good morning! Wala akong fb and Instagram sa phone because I’m trying to do cyber detox again. Haha. So I would just like to post some morning thoughts here. 

The daily text for today is from Proverbs 16:18 saying “Pride is before a crash.” 

It reminds us that our heart could draw us away from Jehovah, particularly if we’ll let our pride hinder us from receiving counsel from our dear elders, our brothers and sisters and from Jehovah’s organization. 

Other people often say that it’s good to at least have some pride. You’ll hear them saying ” Wala ka man lang bang pride sa katawan?”, making it look like pride is essential for gaining self-respect. Well, I think it is important for everyone to know their self value and worth but just on a certain level. Jehovah warns us to not be arrogant and Him being our Grand Creator, surely knows what’s good and what’s not for all of us. 

So, stay humble. Keep your feet on the ground. Take counsel and advice. 😉😊


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