Remember September

Hello-September-gif-pictureHi guys! It’s September again. Happy New Service year for all of us. ♥

And so, just like what I always do I’ll be listing up some things that I want to accomplish for the next year and maybe some realizations of what the past year has taught me.

For the next 12 months, I want to:

  1. Be more disciplined. It’s hard for me to really stick into a plan that I made for myself. For instance, I have a schedule for my pioneering but sometimes I just ignore it and think that I can just adjust my time. I’ve learned that this isn’t the way if you want to hit your target. I know my priorities in life, it’s just that sometimes I get sidetracked by the idea of cramming. So hopefully, I’ll be able to adhere to my schedules and plans and learn how to say NO with unexpected affairs and events.
  2. Be organized. I love cleaning! But sometimes, when I’m drop dead tired I just can’t find the nerve to fix  my things neatly. I want to allot a bit more time for organizing my stuff as well as my thoughts. Haha (my thoughts are more tangled than my headphones)
  3. Save. Learn how not to give in when I’m tempted to buy things that I actually don’t need. Save money for being a regular pioneer with only just a part time job in the future.
  4. Continue learning and educating myself. Though I’ve stopped schooling for quite some time now, I never really stopped looking for useful information. I read a lot. I study. But what I want is for me to never settle for less. I mean I still want to improve the quality of my personal study. I want to be submerged in all the teachings of the Bible.  I want to explore on different topics. I want to know the culture and history of other places. I want to learn how to do things I think there’s still a lot of space in me that needs filling. (plus, I still want to learn a new language)
  5. Be extra kind and understanding. I’ll admit that I put in extra efforts to be kind and understanding to everyone. But there are times when I also lose my patience especially when things and people have been “too much” already. I always pray for a stronger heart and a wide understanding every time. I know people can sometimes be rough and just plain stubborn and I always want to look beyond their imperfections and see their good side. I hope that I’ll never lose this kind of insight even if I’ve been treated wrongly. I want to stay as a sunshine girl no matter what. And mostly, I hope I can treat everyone the way I want to be treated.

There’s a lot more that I want to include like going to new places and meeting new people but my time’s kinda running out and I have a lot of work to do. So maybe I’ll update you soon. Ta ta for now and have a great day! Keep on shining.




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