“Honestly, I am difficult to love. I am hollow and hard around the edges. And on those rare occasions when somebody is brave enough to take the leap, I’ll give it all up before anything can begin. But somehow, I know you’re different. You could actually break through. And that terrifies me.”

– Difficult to Love

Sobrang napatibay ako nung sleepover last week, dinownload ko lahat ng Kingdom songs from Vol.1-6. HAHAHAHaaaay.

Sara, Esther, Maria, Ruth iba paaaaa…♪♫♫♫

To the next person who will love her

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing this to you, but I know you’ll thank me later for trying to help you understand this woman who is both chaotic and serene at the same time.

If you’re going to message her, always include a 🙂 at the end of your message. It makes her feel that you’re nice and easy to get along with. Do not reply for longer than 10 minutes, she’ll lose interest and might not want to text back. If she did, you must be someone special.

When she say that she’s busy, she really is. Please don’t think of it as an excuse to get rid of you. It only means that she needed to finish something and she’s in a lot of pressure right now so don’t be stubborn and give her the time she needs. I tell you, it will do you a world of good to just let her be and wait until she’s free.

When she’s upset about something, be extra kind. Don’t try to fix her problems, she only needs someone who listens very well and someone who agrees with her sentiments. Agree even if you don’t. Haha. After a few days, you can give her your honest opinion but don’t disagree with her while she’s still upset.

Ask her if she wants to go and eat ice cream with you when the sky is grey. Believe me when I say, she’ll never say no.

Please don’t laugh at her when she starts crying over a book or a movie. She’s a crybaby you know. The slightest signs of sadness and the overwhelming portrayals of happiness can touch her soul and can bring bottomless tears in the wells of her eyes. Pat her head, give her a handkerchief. Listen while she constantly say “ahhh, bakit kasi ganyan?” “bakit kasi kelangan pa niya mamatay?” “kawawa naman siya, bakit ganon?”

She gets mad, too. Do not take this as a small thing. She rarely gets  mad but when she does, you’re in big trouble. Do not go and try explaining yourself because she had already considered all the instances. She already gave you the benefit of the doubt so your efforts in explaining yourself are useless. However, what she really need from you is just a simple and sincere SORRY. Show her that you really are.

Do not start questioning her love for you if there are times she doesn’t even text or message you. She’s just like that. She never wanted to interfere with all the other things you’re dealing with. She doesn’t want to disturb you. She’s afraid that she won’t get a reply and that’s like one of the worst feelings in the world. Know that even if she’s not asking you how your day is, she’s out there thinking and hoping that you’re doing fine and when she opens her facebook, your chathead will pop-up with a message telling her HI.

You have to remember that her favorite color is yellow.

She doesn’t eat squash/kalabasa.

She likes Korean dramas so learn how to not get jealous with all her Korean crushes.

She loves her family and friends so much. She wants to see you loving them the same way.

She gets cranky every time she’s late. She doesn’t like the rain.

She gets emotional when things about her father is brought up in conversations. She’ll act okay but deep down, it still hurts. Hold her hand, that’s enough to keep her calm and steady.

Always remind her that she shouldn’t drink too much coffee. She’s been trying to drink tea so always have an extra teabag for her whenever you’re together.

Believe in her. Everything she said, she meant it. Believe her when she told you she’d never leave your side. Believe her when she use beautiful words from a book to describe what you mean to her. Believe in the purity of everything she will say when it’s late at night and your conversations are deep and personal. She means well.

Sometimes, you cannot trust her judgment about things. Hahaha. She always try to say pleasing things about you and others. She looks for the positive side even when something is extremely terrible. Her friends tell her that she’s good at saying things for “pampalubag-loob”. Again, she means well. She just try too hard to avoid disappointing and hurting anyone.

There are a lot more to know about her, but that my friend I leave for you to know. All I ask is that for you to love her as much as she will love you. Make her happy and stay. Be her Noah Calhoun, her Augustus Waters , her Captain Yoo Si Jin and her Superman.

I hope for the best.

(c) KC Montegrande, 2016

~based on articles I read a few days ago