I’ll Never Be the Pretty Girl

I will never be the pretty girl. I know that for a fact. I’m not the type to get a gazillion likes every time I change my profile picture. I can’t make people turn their heads when I walk inside a room but that’s okay.

I will never be the pretty girl and that’s totally fine with me.

When we were younger my Mom used to tell me that I’m not the stunner type. My beauty isn’t the kind to make you swoon at first glance but the kind that needs further looking and once you find it, I’ll catch your eye and I’ll look prettier in your eyes as time passes by. I think my Mom told me that so I won’t be insecure of how beautiful my other sisters are. (I’m thankful for the effort but really Mom, I get what you really meant.)

Btw, this is not a post to rant about my insecurities but for self-acceptance.

Okay, so now we all know I was and never will be the pretty girl and it’s okay. Why? Because I don’t want to settle for something as temporary as looks are. I’ll admit I get insecure too. I grew up to be a shy, insecure lady who tried and failed to be one of the pretty faces. But my point is that now I know what I want in life. I don’t want to be someone who’s known just for her beauty. I’m always after those who have substance. I want to influence other people’s minds and hearts. I want to touch their souls.

I believe that your looks is the least you can offer to the world. But no offense to those who are granted with amazing gene pools! Hahaha. I am a fan of pretty faces, too.

So, I choose to be the smart girl, the happy girl, the kind girl, the hardworking girl, the go-getter girl, the funny/corny girl,the I-will-never-leave-your-side girl and the I-can-love-you-forever girl!

What kind of girl are you choosing to be today? 🙂

(inspired by an article I read today)


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