Come on, make me feel something.

Hi! It’s been quite a long time. (Yeah, I always greet you guys like this when I come back after a long time of hibernating.)

So here’s what’s up.

Have you ever experienced having difficulty in trying to talk to someone? You get your phone,you type a Hi or a Hello and then after a long time of arguing with your mind whether you’ll send the message or not, you end up deleting your message and then you put your phone down.

You tell yourself “He might be very busy.” You know he’s a very busy person, he never stops working and trying to fix something or learning something new. He might not even get the chance to glance at his phone.

You wonder if he’s tired. Have he gone to bed early? Have he eaten yet? You wonder in your heart of hearts if he’s doing all right.

You say to yourself “I don’t want to disturb him. So, I’ll just let him talk to me first. And when he finally does, I’ll just be right here. Waiting.”

But then a hurtful thought cross your mind. Maybe he’s really not busy. Maybe he got tired of talking to you, you’re not that interesting after all. Maybe he just doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

For the last time you tell yourself “I won’t talk to you anymore”. If he doesn’t want you, you don’t want him either. You can find another person to talk with anyway.

But secretly, you hear your heart whispering “It’s okay. I’ll be here waiting if you want to talk again. Just in case.”


Feels good to be blogging again.


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