Great Perhaps

“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.”

The Great Perhaps. Up to now, I’m still not sure of the meaning behind the words The Great Perhaps. But I believe that it is something more that you have always wanted to do and not sure of how you’re going to do it. It might seem impossible but still you’re wholeheartedly ready to take the risks and jump with your eyes closed.

I wanted to seek a Great Perhaps.

I wanted to do more than I believe I possibly could.

And I needed all the courage and strength that I could gather to do it. This morning, I tried to take the step but at the last minute I chickened out. I’m afraid that I might get a NO for an answer.

Somewhere, I have the read the words “Unless you try, the answer is always no.” I think it’s right. I need to take the chance. I need to be brave. How on earth am I going to do it? Help meeee.

“Sometimes, all you need is just ten seconds of insane courage.”

I’ll try again tonight. The Great Perhaps will be mine.

Jehovah please help me.

#goals #rp


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