Hopeless Romantic Dreams

Now, hear me.

I always think of singing you a song over the phone at 1am. You know, those moments where you speak under your breath just because you’re too afraid to wake someone up. Those moments where we’ll keep on telling each other that it’s already morning but no one is brave enough to utter the word goodbye.

I always imagine watching a movie with you. Maybe a romcom or a chick flick where I’ll end up crying and you’ll be ready with a handkerchief because you know how much of a crybaby I am even for the slightest signs of sadness and for the overwhelming portrayals of happiness.

I’ve been thinking of walking long roads with you. Not holding hands but within a safe distance where your arms can accidentally brush through mine and then have shivers down our spine. Electrifying. But a wonderful feeling.

Then at the end of the day, you’ll read me a book. A book about travels and adventures. Or perhaps, a novel. You’ll read Lang Leav or Murakami to me. And even though, we have read these books for how many times already we’ll never get tired of it.

Now, hear me.

These are the things I imagined doing with you. But who are you?

© KC Montegrande, 2015

Simply because Para sa Hopeless Romantic is only 16 days away at lagpas ulo na yung kilig ko! Hahahaha.

Now really, who doesn’t fall for big gestures of love?


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