Wagas ka!

“Naniniwala na ako sa forever..”

This song has been a favorite of mine for a few days now. At first, I find it really jeje but things are different now. Hah.

E kasi nga naniniwala na ako sa forever. Lol.

I have always believed in forever. Yes, I always do. And it’s really funny how many people nowadays never do. Bitter alert! Haha. Just joking. I don’t know but the word forever sounds really good to me. I love the idea of loving someone forever. It may sound really clichรฉ but you see I am a hopeless romantic.

I believe in one love, one lifetime. I want to find a person whom I will spend forever with.

I guess that is why I find it difficult to trust my heart to anyone right now. I want to love only when I’m sure that I am 100% ready and that I am fully responsible enough. ‘Cause when I love I want it to be the last.

Gusto ko ‘yung wagas. (Haha, sabi kasi nila saken ang wagas daw ay forever ang ibig sabihin)

Sorry naman. Hahahahaha.

Random thoughts lang po. Happy Monday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jump start the week.


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