A Healthy Self-Reminder

You will never feel accomplished if you will always compare yourself to other people’s achievements. The only person that you should try to be better than is yourself yesterday. Do what you have to do. Work hard in silence. Even if others do not notice your hard work, always remember that Jehovah sees everything that you do and will always look on what’s inside your heart. Do not become that green-eyed monster. Instead, rejoice with other people’s success. Be happy for them and be inspired. Soon enough, without you really noticing, you have served as an inspiration to other people as well. 

Yes KC! Kaya natin ‘yan. :))


I Was

I am your cellphone wallpaper.

I am your favorite tune.

I am your lullaby.

I am your pillow.

I am the hidden photo on the pages of your book.

Then I became the calls you’re avoiding to take.

The unread messages in your inbox.

And then the name that causes you chest pain.

I was once all the beautiful things.

I’m afraid that soon I’ll be the memories buried deep in the back of your head,

And that small box hidden under your bed.

(c) KC Montegrande, 2014

Love is Riding Nine Extra Floors

Man: We were both born in the same hospital.
Woman: Nineteen twenty one.
Man: Seven days apart.
Woman: In the same hospital.
Man: We both grew up one block away from each other.
Woman: We both lived in tenements.
Man: On the lower east side.
Woman: On Delancey Street.
Man: My family moved to the Bronx when I was ten.
Woman: He lived on Fordham Road.
Man: Hers moved when she was eleven.
Woman: I lived on a hundred and eighty third Street.
Man: For six years she worked on the fifteenth floor as a nurse where I had a practice on the fourteenth floor in the very same building.
Woman: I worked for a very prominent neurologist. We never met.
Man: Never met.
Woman: Can you imagine that?
Man: You know where we met? In an elevator. In the Ambassador Hotel, in Chicago, Illinois.
Woman: I was visiting family. He was on the third floor I was on the twelve.
Man: I rode up nine extra floors just to keep talking to her.
Woman: Nine extra floors.


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