Random Thoughts 

I really don’t like the thought of a person liking someone just because he/she looks good or attractive.

I mean, isn’t that too shallow?

I think it’s better if people want to be with you because you’re really nice, funny and you can make them happy.

And not because being beside someone who looks good is good for your pride and ego. 

I wish people look on what’s inside. There really is more than what meets the eye. 

Hayyy, magandang tanghali po! Ipopost ko po sana yung mga sagot sa 8 questions nung Special Assembly kaya lang naiwan ko pala notebook ko. Arayyy. </3 

Pero ok lang, kasi nakita ko yung happy crush ko. HAHAHAHA. Kaya lang hindi ako nakapagpapicture. T__T 


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