Not Alone

Most of the times, I envy other people. Not because of the things they have, but because of the things I thought they don’t have.

I always pity myself for being a 21 year old with so many responsibilities in my early life and it sometimes feel like I carry the world on my shoulders. I look at older or younger people with happiness and sadness, yes, both at the same time. I feel happy for them because they seem to be living with no worries other than what’s going on in their favorite teleseryes and with their love life. Sad also  because I wish I’m like them, having the time of my life without having to face tomorrow worrying about all the things around me and my family. 

But I was wrong. 

As I look closer, I can see that they also have their own fair share of problems in life. I was not alone all this time. I am not alone, up until now. 

Everybody has a burden to carry. Some just can hide it and handle it well. 

just a realization i made after seeing a friend’s brother’s sns accounts


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