Okay, I have been planning to write about my pet peeves for a long time but I only got the chance right now to do it. 

Yes, I’m in the middle of arranging files in the office but I needed a break from all of it so I decided to log in my wordpress and type just like what’s happening right now. 

I know most of you understand what pet peeves mean but for those who are not familiar with it (if there’s anyone) I will try my best to define it. For me, pet peeve is something specific that annoys you every time. Some people may be okay with it, and somehow you don’t understand why that certain thing annoys you but you can’t help but be annoyed. 

HAHAHAHA. Parang ang gulo ng definition ko, pero sana nagets niyo na.

I have a few and I want to share it with you guys. 

1. Filipino songs (especially rap songs) that don’t rhyme.  

HAHAHA. I don’t know but they are very unpleasant to my ears. No offense, no offense. I mean, isn’t it a common knowledge that songs need to rhyme somehow? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  

2. Grammatically wrong/ Grammatically incorrect sentences. 

I know that people make mistakes including me but there are just some “severe cases” of ENGLISH CARABAO and WRONG GRAMMING. LOL. Jk. And as someone who likes to read and write, I find it disappointing and annoying. I always think that people should express their feelings in the most convenient and most comfortable language that they know. 

3. People who make your accomplishment like nothing so that they can feel better about themselves. 


4. People who talk like this. Owkeih POws. Hi! Aj3j3j3.

I have nothing against the “jeje” people themselves. Sorry for the term and excuse me please. But it gives other people a hard time in reading. Hahahaha. #angbabawnitograbe 

5. Lastly, I don’t like having to explain myself to other people especially when I know I did nothing wrong. #deepko 

I hate explaining. Haha. But I also hate it when other people think ill of me because of wrong information and misunderstandings.

That’s all for now. Gotta work again.

~ Bye!  🙂


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