As of the Moment





I just finished watching You Who Came from the Stars. T___T 

I think I cried 3 liters of tears. At hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin ako nakakamove-on. Hayyy. Ang epekto talaga ni Do Min Joon at Cheon Song Yi! Ang sakit sa PUSO. <//3 Sana may part two. Pero buti na lang happy ending pa din. Yes, spoiler po ako. Happy ending talaga sila kaya don’t worry fellow star gazers. :):P



Some people forget that their words hurt. So please, stay kind at all times. You’ll never know what type of pain you can cause to other people. “Open your mouth only if what you’re going to say is more beautiful than the silence.” 



Happy throwback Thursday! 🙂 

I want my short hair back. Sa sobrang init, gusto ko na po magpagupit ulit. Kaya lang sabi nung friend ni Song Yi sa YWCFTS “not all people look good with short hair, it takes real confidence to pull-off short hair” and since wala ako nun, OKAY I’LL STICK TO MY LONG HAIR NA LANG. HAHAHA. XD 

Yun lang po, magandang hapon! Midweek meeting laterrr. 





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