Acts 20:35

Hello fellow bloggers. 🙂

I have a story to tell. Well, it’s not a really interesting story for everyone but I think I’m privileged to have witness an act of generosity and that I just can’t let it be unnoticed in a world full of selfish needs and greed. 

This story just happened yesterday while we were on Tanliuan, our territory for field service that day. We’re only a small group consisting of only 7 publishers and 2 children but the fact that every house was very accommodating and every one was equally nice to spare some of their time to talk to us made it impossible for us to finish the territory in 2 hours. After finishing the left side of the road, we stopped under the shade of a mango tree with a few benches located beneath. All of us are chatting (or maybe they are busy chatting while I’m consumed up with taking pictures) and suddenly I noticed an old man approaching. He was looking rather shabby, with dirt on his clothes and an improvised bandage wrapped around his right foot. He was holding a cane made from a branch of a tree and on his other hand he was holding a bottle of water. He was walking on the other side and I decided to approach him. I talked to him and I gave him our April issue of the Magazine Awake. 

Old Man: (while looking at the cover) Ikaw yata to e. 

KC: (though really pleased and shy kasi ang ganda kaya nung sister sa cover) Nako hindi ho. Sabi po dyan sa pabalat “Bakit Pa Kailangang Mabuhay- May Tatlong Dahilan” Sana po mabasa niyo yung nilalaman sa loob kasi maganda po ang mga tinatalakay dyan lalo na po ngayon na parami ng parami ang mga taong nagtatangkang magpakamatay. Meron pong mga salig bibliyang dahilan kung bakit kailangan nating mabuhay. 

Old Man: *handed me ten pesos* (2 5-peso coins)

KC: Tay, wala pong bayad yan. Pinapamahagi po namin yan ng libre sa mga tao.

Old Man: Oo nga. Pero kunin mo na kasi tulong ko ‘yan sa inyo.

KC: (I was speechless for a few seconds but I managed to say thank you) Salamat po Tay. Ihulog ko na lang po sa donation box namin. 

I was nearly in tears after that. I don’t know. But his act really touched my heart. T___T 

I mean, I don’t expect him to be the only one to give donations for our magazines. Sorry for being so judgmental, but by looking at him I just don’t expect anything like this. (Yan kasi, sabi nang don’t judge a book by its cover). 

It has been a long time since I last received donations and this experience is amazing. I have talked to a lot of people – those living on mansions, owning cars, those going to work every morning and those who are living on streets. After what I had witnessed yesterday, it just made me determine to support our work in every possible way that I can, be it physically or financially. We all live in different situations, our abilities differ too but don’t let these hinder us in giving Jehovah the best of what we can. That old man is an inspiration to me. He barely knew Jehovah but he has given him support for the ministry. How about us? 🙂

 “I have shown you in all things that by working hard in this way, you must assist those who are weak and must keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus, when he himself said: ‘There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” – Acts 20:35


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