Zombilandia again…




I sleep late at night then regret it the next morning. O_o

Zombie mode again, oh my! 2 hours of sleep only and I’m like a cast of the Walking Dead on a Monday morning. #huwaran #bigyanngjacket 

But other than that, I never knew I would laugh so hard while watching You Who Came from the Stars/My Love from the Star. Cheon Song Yi is one funny woman. You really are my person Song Yi. HAHAHA. ♥:DXD 

“Sarreh! (sorry)” ala Cheon Song Yi. 

Kilig vibes again with Do Min Joon. Hayyyy, I really need my feelings back. 



4 thoughts on “Zombilandia again…

    1. Hi! You should watch the next episodes. I find this kdrama really nice. I’m on episode 16 already and I enjoyed watching it. Cheon Song Yi is very funny while Do Min Joon is just amazing and lovable. LOL. Thanks for the comment though. 🙂 Can you recommend other kdramas that I can watch?

      1. If you haven’t seen it already I would suggest you watch coffee prince. It’s older, but it’s really good. If you like romantic comedies the most, you might also like The Greatest Love.

      2. I’ve seen Coffee Prince already. I loved it. HAHA. I have only watched a few episodes of The Greatest Love. Do you know the series Arang and the Magistrate? how about Full House and Love Story in Harvard? Those are some of my favorites, too. Oh, I almost forgot The Innocent Man/Nice Guy. They are really good, you can also try watching them if you want. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions.

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