You Are So Annoying! :D

Lately, I’ve been thinking if I’m trying too hard to please everyone that I may be annoying them already.

Yes, I admit that I’m trying to be extra nice and friendly to everyone but it’s because I like what I’m doing. I know that a compliment, a smile, or a greeting no matter how small can lift someone’s spirits up even if they’re having a bad day. But what if I’m already irritating and annoying? Can that be possible? Can a nice and friendly person be hated? 

HAHAHA. I know I’m making no sense here but I can’t help but think about it. Maybe it’s because my conversation with my sister had affected me so much. It went something like this.

Ingrid: Alam mo kung gagawa tayo ng soap opera si Ate KC dapat ang bida. Mabait kasi e.

KC: Sira ka.

Ingrid: Oo kaya. Sobrang bait mo nga, ang sarap mo ng abusuhin. 

Should I take that as a compliment or what? HAHA. I’m not bragging or anything but I’m just curious if some people find my attitude towards them as superficial and shallow. And I don’t want them to think of it that way. I like everyone genuinely, and I want them to like me too. Love begets love, right? I know I don’t want to live a life trying to please everyone but my intentions are real. I wonder if they see it that way. 


P.S. Last night’s Memorial is fun! I love the Calixto sisters sooo much and Kuya Audie’s talk was really good. :):D Belated Happy Memorial!!! LOL. :))



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