Zombilandia again…




I sleep late at night then regret it the next morning. O_o

Zombie mode again, oh my! 2 hours of sleep only and I’m like a cast of the Walking Dead on a Monday morning. #huwaran #bigyanngjacket 

But other than that, I never knew I would laugh so hard while watching You Who Came from the Stars/My Love from the Star. Cheon Song Yi is one funny woman. You really are my person Song Yi. HAHAHA. ♥:DXD 

“Sarreh! (sorry)” ala Cheon Song Yi. 

Kilig vibes again with Do Min Joon. Hayyyy, I really need my feelings back. 



I’m wanting things again.

I’m wanting things that I already gave up. It seems like I’m losing all my will, passion and enthusiasm slowly for all the things I’ve been wanting to achieve for so long.

Please help me Jah. Let my eyes pass all the insignificant and temporary things of this world. Please have my heart experience all the joy and happiness of serving only You. Make me determined to reach my goals once more. Make me contented and forgiving. Make me love others as much as I love myself. Make me stand for all the decisions I made.

Kaya natin to KC. *please,please*

And I’m so Sick…


*Achooo, cough,sniff*

Hi fellow wordpress people. 😐 

I’ve been sick these past few days and I think today is the worst. But, just like my college days, I need to go to work even if I’m not feeling well. I want to be okay ASAP, this sickness ruins my mood everyday. T__T 

I need my sunshine back please.

P.S. photo not mine


As I was sorting my things last Sunday night, I ran through these two letters I received. I won’t say who gave them, but I can assure you they are people that are close to my heart. They say that handwritten letters will never go out of style and I agree. I still think that letters are one good way to show sincerity and effort. 🙂 And I must say that I’ve been fortunate enough to receive two.

I like letters, no, I love letters. Reading them makes me happy. It makes me imagine all the feelings and thoughts of the writer as he/she pours them into his/her pen and into the paper. Though, it’s quite ironic because I have only written one letter my entire life and it’s way back on my high school graduation. I’m not going to tell to whom I wrote it and what are the things I said but I enjoyed writing it. I enjoyed it too much that I ended up using all 4 sheets of stationery papers back-to-back. HAHA. LOL. XD







This one is the first letter I received. It’s too cute because of the yellow flowers attached to it. I really liked the flowers because it showed personal touch and it means that the giver knew things about me like my favorite color which is yellow. I reread this letter again that night and it never fail to keep me going. It gives me enough inspiration to continue what I’m doing. My favorite part is when the giver told me that I inspire him to be optimistic. That I am one of those people who still smile even when faced with problems. That I keep on going every time I fell down, that I am matured and he wanted to be someone like me. 🙂

It made me so happy I could cry. At least there’s someone that I inspire. There’s someone who noticed my efforts and somehow my labors will not turn to dust in vain. Thank you again letter sender! 🙂









Okay, now down with the second letter. HUHUHU. This one can actually make me cry and laugh at the same time. Sincerity and gratitude wrapped together with happy memories and sad ones. Happiness that hurts- this is what it is. I don’t know what else to say cause this one actually took my breath away. Thank you very much letter sender! :))

Make someone happy, write a letter today!