Man, this is harder than I thought. 

I’m struggling with writing a post. I can’t believe it. LOL. I’ve been away for quite some time and now, I don’t know how to start. 

Well, the main reason I attempted to post something in here is because I feel bad. I feel bad about myself yet again. I don’t know if it shows but I am one big insecure girl. I have overcome it already but the feeling of insecurity always find a way back. What’s worse is that I have to go through the process of learning how to accept myself all over again. I’m tired and totally sick of it. 


Why do I end up thinking that I am not good enough? I have very low self esteem you know. I fear that people will stay away from me because I’m a no one. 

Sometimes, I wish I will just return to being a shy and timid girl so that all I have to do is stay inside our house and dream away. I fear I will disappoint people when I fail to meet their expectations. 

It’s easy to say to love and accept yourself. It’s just that in real life, acceptance is like looking for a needle in a ocean of sand. 




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