baby, get your shine on, shine on!

Hi. 🙂

It’s Friday and tomorrow’s a holiday which means walang pasok. I’m quite alarmed with the growing number of pimples in my chin. Haha. Those late nights are not doing any help with my #OperationPaganda. LOL. Hindi ko naman planong magpaganda kasi I think I am a hopeless case. What I want is to not look haggard-ish on our District Assembly. But in any case, mukhang di ko ma-aachieve.


I stayed up late last night because some people are busy sharing bits of their lives with me. I think that’s one of the most therapeutic thing for me as of now – to have friends telling me about their lives and their everyday experiences. It’s like reading their journal or biography whatsoever. And my, I don’t expected them to be like that. Haha. But I won’t be telling you their stories either because that’s like letting your sister read your diary which is both irritating and awkward. Plus, the word diary itself is awkward. Hahaha. 

“Good people sometimes make bad decisions. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad people.”

Nabasa ko lang. And it does make sense. People make mistakes. Period. But how you try to put it right is what will matter in the end. Kaya natin ito, kaibigan na hindi ko pwedeng pangalanan. We (pila pips) always have your back. 🙂

“He looked at her like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.”

I sometimes wish for this. But not now. We’re all young! (and wild and free?, haha)

“And then one day, you’re name doesn’t make me smile anymore.”

Finally. Not you anymore. 

But of other people. 

~ About the title, I’m currently listening to Florida Georgia Line’s Get Your Shine On and that’s the only line that I can follow so..

P.S. Ang gulo at ang vague at ang abstract ng post kong ito. pasensya na, but that’s the way i wanted it to be. 🙂


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