Perfect But Not For Me


I went to a dinner with a friend one day,

She looked around I heard her say,

“There is a handsome guy across the way”

He had a smile like a morning sun

Lighting the skies when the morning comes..

Strong spirit, built very well,

Well dressed and strong, I could tell.

His eyes  glistened like the stars of heaven,

We heard someone call his name…’kevin’.

He was perfect in every way you see

But if he does not serve Jehovah, then he is not for me…




I saw a man walking down the street,

Sophisticated, smart, hard to beat.

I was standing there showing the magazines,

 at the time this man came on the scene.

He took the magazines and asked my name,

I told it to him and asked the same.

He said, “what a fine work, may I take you to dinner?”

My heart answered silently,

“This sounds like a winner”

I looked at his faced and deep blue eyes,

Oh my…my mind is clearing now… oh my!

Eventhough seemed perfectly you see,

If he is not serving Jehovah then he certainly is not for me





I met a man at work one day,

He stared a while, then I heard him say,

“You are so beautiful, most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

You must have dropped out of heaven, it seems.”

I thought, “what a line!

He seems nice, so smooth.”

The way he looked at me,

I could melt on my shoes.

But if I give him the time of day,

Forgetting Jehovah and his laws that way.

It surely would mean death in Jehovah’s day.

Once again, he was perfect in every way you see, but if he is not serving Jehovah,

So he certainly is not for me.



There is this young man, they say he is studying, learning the truth like a rose he is budding.

Thinking I could supply some encouragement,

I invited him for dinner at my apartment.

There was soup, salad green beans and rice,

With steak and gravy and an apple pie slice.

A chilled bottle of champagne to drink,

Things went quite well, at first, I think.

After some-champagne he became

Like a lion with a full grown mane.

What a waste, what a waste!

I’ll have to wrestle this guy all over the place.

Breaking the mood,

I said “get out! I was mean!

Touch me again, I surely will scream!”

He went… I was spent…

I sat quietly, thinking, I know I was wrong.

The slave class always said, “do not date alone.”

He was studying, he was perfect…

He was out of control… you see.

He is not serving Jehovah.

He is not for me.



At a district convention, at a food stand,

I was serving the food, lending a hand.

Hmmm… the aroma of english leather,

A brother… so nice, like sunny weather!

 Our eyes met… just for a minute, I wondered, “is there anything in it?

“may I help you brother? I said with a smile, hiding my anxiety all the while,

He said he’d like a sandwich and a coke,

so sweet, so nice, so softly he spoke.

Soon a sister relieved me, her turn to take,

and there he stood… a gasp I did make.

He asked my name, I asked for his,  he said, “is that a miss or ma?”

He was so nice, suave and debonair, well dressed, in place was every hair.

Soon, lost for words, I started to wonder…

Then he said, “Could I have your phone number?”

He said, he would call one day,

Then he went away.

He called,, we dated, with his mother or mine,

We visited each others kingdom halls a few times.

In his hall, I asked the elders, what sort was he?

They kindly put it in the line for me.

He was not a servant; he was not reaching out,

If he was given a counsel,

 for weeks he would pout,

he missed a lot of meetings,

his service time was slim,

it did not sound like they could depend on him.

He has good looks, money, possessions,

But let me tell you, I have learned some lessons.

Yes, he is brother, perfect… you see,

 he is not serving Jehovah whole souled,

He certainly is not for me.



Another man with words like honey,

Shiny car, good job, money,

Talking proud, walking tall,

He does not know Jehovah at all.

Study? “Sure” said he,

He’d do anything for me.

Go to meetings? “Sure” said he,

He’d do anthing for me.

He grew in the truth, progressed well…

All the single sisters thought swell,

 It seemed like they were under a spell.

Time will tell…

He took us to dinner, my mother and me,

I would not date alone you see.

Two weeks before his baptism,

One day at my house,


The idea of marriage popped out of his mouth.

“Let’s go to Las Vegas and be married tonight.”

To me, now finally,

Out in the open his heart poured,

“Jehovah has said, marry only in the Lord”.

He was not in the Lord,

I was floored,

I acted quickly, I was not slow,

This is wrong, I said, “No! No! No!”

He pleaded and begged with all his might,

I found it harder and harder to fight.

“In two weeks, he will be a brother” I thought…

I went to the elders and talked of words I have brought,

“Leave him alone, the love, misery and pain, if this course you pursue, it could bring on shame.

No matter how close one is to baptism,

Always watch out, always use wisdom,

Wait until he is seasoned with salt,

Do not excuse a mistake to be your fault.”

It can look like perfection, all that you see,

but it might not be,

How could he be the man for me?

My standing with Jehovah was here at stake.

Linked directly to the decision I would make.

Their counsel was not hollow,

Their counsel I followed.





If you desire a Christian mate,

Do not even hesitate,

Psalms 55 verse twenty-two

Says something for me and you.

Do not put your problems up on the shelf.

“Throw your burden on Jehovah himself”

Talk to Jehovah in silent prayer.

He will give it to you whatever is fair.

Follow His simple laws and commands,

Put it into Jehovah’s hands and forget it for now.

Don’t kick against the God’s and stumble,

Don’t make problems for yourself and tumble.

Jehovah may answer with a Yes or a No.

Whatever is best, Jehovah will know.


Sisters, lift your heads in the sky

Wait on God and let the problems pass you by.

It matters not if it sounds good in rhymes.

It is hard to look through God’s eyes sometimes.

Your emotions make it hard; it is cinch by the inch.

They might be perfect… you see,

But serving Jehovah is not the course of he.

He is not perfect, he is nor for you and me.


Think it slow, think it through!

Jehovah wants the best for you.


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