A Piece of Advice

The best advice I’ve ever gotten was said that I shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone whom I wouldn’t marry, for its a waste of time and takes you off the market. 

So don’t worry about relationships.

Build friendships, and one day you’ll suddenly meet your soul mate, or you’ll realize you want to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. 

Your young life shouldn’t be spent trying to fall in love or even having to worry about a partner. 

Your life right now should be filled with spending time on finding yourself and building relationships. 


Today, a new friend gave me one of the most useful advice that I’ve ever gotten.

Sabi niya “Madami ka pang gustong abutin at hindi ka pa handa na makipagrelasyon…Dahil ang tao di-sakdal, lagi tayong nagbabago. Di ka makakapagtiwala sa kanila pero si Jah, kabaligtaran. Di siya nagbabago at sa kanya maganda magtiwala plus ang pagpapala ni Jah ay di Niya dinaragdagan ng kirot. (Kaw. 10:22)”

Eto ang binigay niya na dapat kong sabihin.

Thank you classmate Mikko! 🙂 You’re one of the best and coolest new friend everrrr!


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