The Month of 21

Hello to 21 years of my existence. 🙂



Updates on me right now: I just finished eating lunch and Best Song Ever is still stuck in my head for 3 days now. 🙂

I decided to make a poem for myself. HAHA. 


You turned 21 today, 

Little girl there’s so much coming in your way.

Goodbye to all those 20 years gone,

Say hello to a new you now that you’re 21.

Be grateful in your heart

Stand up and look straight for a brand new start. 

But don’t forget to always look back

to the little girl on the mirror who still cry for Titanic’s Jack.

Sing and dance, play in the rain

For 21 will never happen again. 

~ (c) Karen Clide Montegrande, 2013

Happy Monday everybody. :):P:>:D




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