One Fine Saturday Afternoon

While on our way to do our return visits, we spotted a very relaxing and beautiful place. We just cannot resist to take pictures…















So relaxing right? Ahh, I love nature. ♥





Smile, it would warm the hearts of other people or irritate them. Either way, you win.

Highlights of My Fangirling Life



See that? Lisa Cimorelli followed me on twitter! Yey! She really is a sweetheart. Actually, everyone of them are sweethearts. I LOVE CIMORELLI FOR LIFE. ♥

I’m really happy to know that Lisa is not a snob. I had few interactions with her online and each time just proves the fact that she is a really nice person (but a freak most of the times, just like what she always say). She sent me a message on formspring telling me how glad she was because I liked their cover of Where Have You Been. And then a follow on twitter? She’s such a darling. 

I am beyond happy today Lisa. Thank you very much. Stay classy and sassy. Stay pretty and talented. ♥ 

SLUMBOOK ENTRY (Insert Troll face here..)

Lately, I have been very well entertained by blog posts which are slumbook entries. Kaya naman I am inspired to do one as well. I think I was in elementary when I last filled up a slumbook (and btw, during our time it’s called AUTOGRAPH). Namiss ko yung mga ganito e. Bagets na bagets ang peg. 😛 

Okay let’s start…

Name: Karen Clide Espinosa Montegrande

Nickname: KC (or 8)                       Age: As of now I’m still 20 (twenteen, bagets okay?)

Birthday: September 16, 1992

School/s: Crisanto Guysayko Memorial Elementary School

               Rizal Standard Academy

               University of the Philippines, Los Baños

Course: Bachelor of Science in Biology Major in Microbiology (am still undergraduate)

Favorite Subject: English and Science (pero once RECESS ang sinagot ko dito para kunwari cool ako)

Books: Umm, I read a lot. But during my elem days I read the HP series, then padami na ng padami (from Classics like Little Women to ABNKKBSNPLAko ni Bob Ong). Recently ang favorites ko ay The Lucky One ni Nicholas Sparks and The Fault In Our Stars ni John Green. But then again, I dedicate most of my time in reading publications like Awake and The Watchtower at syempre the Bible. (I’m not trying to sound noble or anything! Just keepin’ it real.)

Movies: The Sound of Music, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, School of Rock, Titanic, A Cinderella Story, a lot of Filipino movies (esp. romantic comedies) and many to mention. Aminin niyo ang galing ng nakaimbento ng many to mention/MTM! Henyo. 😛

Movie Idols: Not really an idol but I like Anne Hathaway and actors like George Clooney, Ben Affleck, MTM. Oh I almost forgot Emma Watson. 

Singers/Bands: Taylor Swift, Vanessa Carlton, Cimorelli, Boys Like Girls, The Clickfive, One Direction and MTM. (o.a. na tong many to mention na to)

Music: I’m into a wide variety of music. It varies from country music and opm to rock. 

T.V. Programs: I used to watch TV a lot but now I rarely watch TV. But I like news programs, cartoons (Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, nung uso pa yung Slam Dunk, Flame of Recca, Cooking Master Boy, and the likes pinapanuod ko yun) I also enjoy watching National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

Dress/Outfit: Laid back lang ang style ko. Comfort over style is my kind of thing so mostly shirts, jeans and shoes/slippers lang ako. 

Perfume: Not a perfume person but anything that’s not too sweet will do.

Food: MTM. Haha. Halos lahat kinakain ko kaya kung iimbitahan niyo po ako wala kayong problema. Ayy, hindi nga po pala ako kumakain ng kalabasa. 

Drinks: Coffee, orange juice, chocolate drink 

Pals: Okay, kung binabasa mo ito isa ka sa mga yun. MTM nga kasi.

Hang-outs: Bahay, sa kapit bahay, bahay, bahay, bahay…

Colors: Yellow, red, blue (haha, primary colors? eto lang po alam kong kulay di na ako nakaabot ng secondary colors)

Motto: I’m too smart to socialize and too cute to care. LOL. Joke hindi po ito. Probably it’s 1) Never give up. 2) Work hard. 3) Discipline yourself. 4) Live, love, laugh.

Who is your love? Pwede bang MTM din? Haha. XD Pag alam ko ng mahal ko siya saka ko na lang lalagyan to. 

How did you meet? 😛

His special characteristics? Isa siyang ninja. Haha. JOOOKE. Pirata siya. (sorry, di ako matinong tao)

Happiest Moment: My baptism. 🙂 

Greatest achievement in life: Siguro kapag may nabautismuhan na sa mga bible studies ko yun na yun!

Greatest Dream: Makita sa personal si Ryan Gosling or Logan Lerman or Daniel Radcliffe. Haha. Hindi a! Siguro magkaroon ng twins in the future or mafeature sa magazine na Awake or The Watchtower.

Most stupid thing ever done: Eto literal na many to mention. Baka abutin tayo ng isang buwan kapag sinabi ko dito lahat. Makipagkuwentuhan ka na lang saken or I’ll have a separate entry for this one. 

Haha. I enjoyed making this one. Sana kayo rin. Gawa din kayo. Let me know para mabasa ko din kabaliwan niyo! Happy Friday fellas! :))




Hot Then Cold

Sometimes, I would just like to tell myself that you’re bipolar so that I won’t go crazy of thinking why you have such sudden mood changes (or should I say drastic affection changes). 

You are such a pain in the neck. One moment, you make me feel so special the next one it’s like I don’t even exist. “You have like a two-second rebound rate and then you’re back doing the next pain in the neck thing again” (The Notebook).

But despite all of that, I still like you. I hate myself for liking you. Every time you try to make me feel special, I get butterflies in my stomach and just feel so happy. Then in a blink of an eye, you start ignoring me once more and it hurts. A lot. I’m always left hanging. 

I’m so confused. I just want the world to stop for a while and just let me breathe for a moment. I wish somehow it will.