Safeguard Your Conscience, Special Assembly 2013

Last Saturday, May 26, we held our annual special assembly with the theme “Safeguard Your Conscience”. We received a lot of spiritual foods from Jah that day and we’re all very thankful. We had also bear in our minds and hearts that having a good conscience is possible as long as you train it in God’s word. It is very important to cultivate a good conscience for the Bible says “The heart is treacherous…”(Jer. 17:9) and it can influence our mind to think of things that are wrong to be right. 🙂

Here are some photos :


Galeel and Frinz. They are my youngest sister and brother.


Me and Galeel. She really kinda look like my ate in here.


Frinz and me. 


Frinz and me part two using the front camera.


My brother Clark. He’s one vain man. Loller.



I successfully put my niece to sleep. I love you baby Hermione (yes, from Harry Potter) and I miss you already! We look so maputi in here.



Shhhh! The baby’s sleeping.



During lunchbreak, Ingrid’s bestfriend, Alex visited us in our jeepney. Oh man! She’s one funny girl. Laugh trip to the maxxx. 😀



Program’s over. We had to say goodbye to our family and I took this picture of Ingrid and Ate Krystel with Ingrid’s boyfriend hiding at the back making horns for these two. 

That’s it. Remember to safeguard you conscience!♥ Take care people. 







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