The Impossible



Last Saturday night, I watched an amazing film called The Impossible as you can see it’s poster above. It was released last year (2012) and it was based on a true story which makes the film more interesting. 

The plot of the film revolves around the story of a family who visited Thailand for their family  vacation when a tsunami hit the island. I think the movie is entitled The Impossible because the chances of surviving the tidal waves are almost impossible yet the whole family stayed alive. I really liked the movie because it showed how strong a family bond can get even if they’re facing death. It showed all the sacrifice a mother and father can give for their children and how you can help other people even if it endangers your own safety. It made me value all the time I will spend with my family. It made me realize that your family is the greatest property you can have in this world and that showing kindness and helping people should not have limits. 

If you’re a late movie watcher like me and you still haven’t watched this film, you should watch it now or at least see the trailer somehow. You won’t regret it. Two thumbs up for the Impossible! :>