Of Eye bags and Headaches

Last night was epic! And believe me when I say epic. I don’t think I can experience too many emotions all at once. 


Later in the evening, my sister texted me that she is now becoming a mommy! It was good news for all of us. She was married for quite sometime now and she badly wanted a baby and I’m so glad that her prayers are finally answered! I am beyond excited because that cute little thing just happened to be my first pamangkin!(niece/nephew) I can’t wait for December to come. :3


It was my first time to watch the film The Notebook which is based from Nicholas Sparks’ best-seller novel. I fell in love with it honestly. I laugh and ache together with the characters especially Noah Calhoun. His love for Allie just gave me chills and make me want to be loved by someone like him too. By the way, Ryan Gosling who played the role of Noah is now my official celebrity crush. YES. I like him very much, it made me watch clips from the movie over and over again. As well as look at his photos in the internet. Did I also say that I knew that he was born on November 12, 1980? Or that he was involved with Sarah Bullock, Rachel McAdams (yes, the one who played Allie) and Eva Mendez? Haha. Okay I am an OFFICIAL FANGIRL. 

After the tears we shed for The Notebook, we still managed to watch A Walk to Remember which just happens to be based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel too and one of my favorite movies of all time. We cried a lot, too. Now my eyes are drooping heavily and my eye bags wanted to scream for sleep. My head is aching too.


Yesterday, was truly a day of tears for me. I had this confrontation with someone because I can’t take it all inside anymore. I feel like I really need to let it all out or else I’ll explode. This matter got me crying and sleepless for nights and right now, I’m just glad the stress and pressure is over. 


Oh boy, oh boy. I’m missing someone. Badly. No calls or even texts? I can go crazy because of you, ya know that? It seems like you don’t even care. I don’t want to be clingy but I’m scared. I’ve read from The Notebook the line “That’s the scary thing about distance. You’ll never know if they’ll miss you or forget you.”


♪♫ We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and magical…♪♫♫


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