What Will I Do With My Life?

Sooooo, as I promised here’s my answer to that very hard question.

What will I do with my life? When I was younger, that question was not really hard to answer. Probably, I will be getting a college degree then graduate, look for work, help my family, have my own house and car then later have a family of my own. But as time pass, unexpected things happen. You’ll stumble maybe a couple of times or three. You’ll learn. You’ll meet people that inspire you. You’ll realize that there’s more than what you expected.

I won’t elaborate on what just happened to my life recently, but I assure you the ride was bumpy and full of topsy turvies. I tried my very best to find real happiness and I’m fortunate enough to find answers. Thank Jehovah God for the perfect timings of His help and advice.

So my answer is…I’m going to educate myself. I’ll educate myself with the highest education any people can get and that’s the knowledge about God. No masteral or Ph.D. course can ever be higher than that. After educating myself I’ll work too. I’ll be a teacher. A teacher for all people who are interested in learning about the word of Jehovah. Helping them learn without asking anything in return is I guess the most noble work a person can actually put himself into. Doing that just makes me proud of myself. No money, trophies, awards and luxury in this world can make a person prouder of himself than ever.

I may not have a college degree after all. I may not have graduated but choosing this path of life is what I think is best for me. ♥


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