It’s exactly 4:44 in the morning and just as I woke up I realized that I am a year older. I just turned 20 today and the feeling makes me have goosebumps. Well, hello adulthood! I’ve been existing for twenty years now and I can’t stop wondering if my life has been put to good use or I have been wasting my time. I’m pretty sure I have done good deeds everytime a chance was given to me but still I keep on asking myself, have I done enough? As I was doing this I also think of my dreams and my goals that I want to pursue. I’m thinking of my other future jobs, can I actually find one that I will really enjoy and never get tired of doing? What kind of person will I become? Will I be having my own family? As I tap away, more questions pop out inside my head. Ughhh,maybe I’m just being pressured by my age today. Cause you see for me being twenty years old means taking things more seriously. Though I also think that 20 is still a young age to do things like getting married or having kids. Well, I guess age is really just a number. Maybe for now I just won’t allow myself to be bothered too much. I’ll just enjoy my life while serving Jehovah and whatever He thinks will be good for me, I will accept it. Who knows maybe in months or years I will be a regular pioneer (ultimate dream) or I will finally get the chance to be in a job that I really love, or maybe even one day I will have someone to hold hands with while walking the streets. Again, who knows right? I’ll keep my hopes up and pray for the best. ~Ta ta for now. Im’ma go back to sleep some more. Writing this makes me feel a little dizzy. Haha. Have a great Sunday!

*Made this last Sunday. Today’s the only time I have to publish it here. ;))


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